hey, i'm tobias! i draw strange animals and furries.

my primary sona is Sebastian! My other sonas are Arthenos, Loke and Octis. you can find more info on them on my toyhouse. I really never know what to add to these abouts uhhh

If you're a nazifur / racist or into zoo or pedo nonsense, fuck off. I don't tolerate that shit. Full Stop. homophobes/transphobes aren't tolerated either.


do not interact if you

◈ have ever consumed water

◈ forgotten to clean out the lint trap in the dryer

◈ have 206 bones or more

◈ ever seen or heard of an "anime"

◈ left expired food in the fridge past the due date

◈ brushed your teeth for bed but then ate food afterwards

◈ ever saw me trying to order a snack at mcdonalds, or seen me in a public setting in general

◈ have ever tried to lick your elbow

◈ drank the paintbrush water instead of the cup of paint-free water while painting

◈ forgotten type effectiveness in pokemon or have never played pokemon

◈ tried to eat a leaf like littlefoot from land before time eating a treestar

◈ accidentally opened the front camera on your phone

◈ have at least one funko pop

◈ tried to grab a sandwich from a deli shelf that had a really really clean window in front of it and is only accessible from the barista's side like who the fuck puts a window there just let me grab my snack myself

◈ forgotten what your own character looked like

◈ pretended to use the force when the automatic doors opened